Quick notes on the DC Meet and Greet

FWA hosted the Furry Meet and Greet at DragonCon this year and I went as a representative of GeorgiaFurs. I learned that hauling butt to an event after work on public transit can be a bit of a challenge, but even more so was the big crowd in the Peachtree Center food court during dinner time. At times I felt like I was swimming upstream in a river, just trying to fight waves of people.

The turnout was pretty cool — I was told that we had about 190-some-odd furries that attended. Thank you to those that showed!

I’m hoping to have more guerilla events next year — gotta get to planning now!

Bad Movie Night!

Hey y’all two folks that actually have found this website — come check out the Bad Movie Night that Kami Yama is hosting on next Sunday (July 28) starting at 6P at the NEW FWAffice. Further details and RSVP link can be found at http://gafurri.es/6J. Make sure that you tell your friends and drag them along for a fun night of painful film!